[MPlayer-users] rtsp:// and realvideo

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live.com
Mon May 5 10:50:28 CEST 2003

>Hello! I've compiled MPlayer 0.9 with realplayer libraries (from mplayer's 
>site) and with live.com libraries. I found that mplayer is not able to 
>play realvideo through rtsp. I searched archives and found one post - it 
>sais that mplayer can play such streams doing some magic (diffrent 
>handling of rtsp:// steram with .rm extention). Is this true? Which 
>version of MPlayer can do this?

You'll need the "latest CVS snapshot" version of MPlayer, *not* v0.90.

>  Ps. Which files from live.com are used?

For playing RealAudio and/or RealVideo RTSP streams, the LIVE.COM code is 
not used at all (and so, it's not needed).  However, there are many other 
RTSP streams out there that don't use RealAudio and RealVideo, and you'll 
need the LIVE.COM code to play those (see <http://www.live.com/mplayer/>).


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