[MPlayer-users] Re: Re: status of dvd:// and -dvd

Chris Phillips chris at thirtythreeandathird.net
Mon May 5 00:41:11 CEST 2003

> > fair enough, but then it's not valid in mencoder, which seems strange... 
> > is there a specific reason that dvd:// is not in mencoder whatsoever? 
> > doesn't seem too consistent.
> you mess up sth, the demuxer code is common between mplayer and mencoder, so
> they must behave the same way, it's impossible to be different in the same
> version (compiled from same source).

oh no, i just mean the actual syntax. 

mencoder dvd://1 -ovc copy -oac copy
Unknown protocol 'dvd'
Unable to open URL: dvd://1

I can't see any logical principle why that shouldn't work



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