[MPlayer-users] Linux: Low playback quality when dark/foggy

Sven Bolt sven_bolt at fastmail.fm
Thu May 1 22:47:56 CEST 2003

i searched the archive and found that some had this problem while
enocding. I do have it when i'm watching a film.
When fog/explosions etc. occur or when it gets dark, the quality of the
film gets *very* ugly. It doesn't matter wether i use x11, xv or DGA as
Video Ouput.
I have a 1800Athlon with a Savage (which has as i think 32mb), so it
should not be a hardware problem. The thing is, when i boot with Win and
watch it there, the quality is perfect. This is something i encoutered
even on other PCs. I never get the same quality under Linux.

Thanks for any advices

Sven Bolt
  Sven Bolt
  sven_bolt at fastmail.fm

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