[MPlayer-users] Video Filter for Black Frame Detect

usenet at wingert.org usenet at wingert.org
Thu May 1 20:57:41 CEST 2003

I am working on TiVo additions to mplayer to play TiVo streams.  Things are 
moving along quite well.  Latest revision is at http://tivo-mplayer.sf.net

I currently have complete support for all known software versions of TiVo
and Direct TiVo supported.  The feature also supports local playback, remote
streaming, CC decode, and XDS decode.

I was thinking of doing a commercial detect for mplayer to skip through
commercials during playback.  One method seems to be doing black frame
detect.  I was thinking of writing a video filter to do black frame 
detect.  Anyone done something like this before?  Something I can borrow?


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