AW: [MPlayer-users] is there a way to force -vo vesa:vidix touse640x350 output?

nico berndt nico.berndt at
Sun Mar 30 16:57:34 CEST 2003

> > > I don't know if this will do it alone, but try -monitoraspect 16:9.
> >
> > nope. didn't help. i guess i need to find a way to cut the picture to
> > 640x350 before it reaches the output-drivers.
> >
> How about  -vo crop=... ?

that did it. thx!

..but it lead to another problem wich is now related to my tv :(
in order to get the picture to fill the screen, in 640x350 mode i have to
stretch the height of the disply to maximum and still the upper and lower
edges will not reach the screen-edges. this works definitely better with a
640x480-picture, wich i can successfully stretch far enough to let 640x352
movies fill that 16:9 screen.

now the question will be: how to get mplayer with vesa:vidix to always use
640x480 as output wich is a bit sad, because i actually hoped to leave the
picture as untouched as possible using 640x350. they could have built that
hardware of my tv a bit more thoughtfull.

any suggestions?

/jc - nb

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