[MPlayer-users] bmovl: what file format

Mijo Saftic mijo at home.nl
Sat Mar 29 13:42:47 CET 2003


I've been having some problems displaying an image with the bmovl filter. In
particular I am not sure about HOW to save the image to be displayed. I
tried saving the picture as a 24-bit RGB bitmap, but this just gives me a
garbled image when I display it. So what file format should I use when
saving the image with e.g. Photoshop?

I've created a fifo and I use a script that does the following:

echo "RGBA32 193 167 0 0 0 0"
cat /tmp/myimage.bmp

I run this as :

./myscript >myfifo

and then I start mplayer like this:

mplayer -vop bmovl=0:0:myfifo -vo xv -ao oss some.avi

I've read up on every thread on bmovl on this list and I couldn't find
anything useful on Google. Thanks in advance for any comments.


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