[MPlayer-users] How to start mplayer

Jukka Tastula jukka.tastula at kotinet.com
Fri Mar 28 18:03:10 CET 2003

On Thursday 27 March 2003 22:13, Dominik Mierzejewski wrote:

> And make sure you have DMA enabled for that CD drive.

Does enabling dma actually do anything anyway when it's a videocd? I mean 
unless you're using a 2.5 kernel with the new ide stuff. As far as I know 2.4 
only works dma if you're dealing with 2048 sectors (or actually any multiple 
of 512b will do) ... and videocd is of a different type. Or am I completely 

Just came across this when reading about new 2.5 features and it all really 
does make sense. I keep getting high cpu load, dma enabled or not, when 
ripping audio cds or writing/reading videocds whereas writing/reading normal 
data cds doesn't get the cpu load much beyond 1%.

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