[MPlayer-users] More newbie questions

Yan Seiner yan at cardinalengineering.com
Thu Mar 27 21:09:59 CET 2003

> Nope, it's that simple. PAL is 25 fps, NTSC is 29.97.
> However, supposedly there's some sort of pseudo-NTSC mode used by some
> multi-standard tape decks to display PAL on NTSC TV's. It might use a
> slightly different framerate. Someone posted about that a few days ago
> here I think...
> Rich

Thanks.  For some bizarre reason, my deck seems to be producing a frame
rate of 29.00 when converting from PAL to NTSC - enough to cause
jitters...  I've forced everything to 29.97 and it seems to be working.

I'm getting there :-)

One (unrelated) question:

How do people clip the movies they produce?

It's a lot easier for me to slap a tape in, record the whole thing,
including adds, trailers, etc. and some noise at the end, then clip
that.  Or so I thought.

I can't find a tool that can clip mjpegs or mpeg4...

I've tried kino (just random noise or segfault) and mjpeg tools (I get
very pretty horizontal rainbow lines.)

All I want to do is load up an avi file, fast forward to the start of
the movie, set a marker, fast forward to the end of the movie, set a
marker, and save what's between the markers.

How do I do that?



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