[MPlayer-users] How to start mplayer

Stephen Liu satimis at icare.com.hk
Thu Mar 27 18:10:00 CET 2003

Hi Joonas,

Joonas Koivunen wrote:
>>$ cd /usr/share/doc/mplayer-common-0.90rc4/
> seems so.. in that /usr/share/doc/<package-name> youll find each packets 
> documentation..

Yes, I got them now

>>$ mplayer
>>bash: mplayer: command not found
> i think that THIS is very strange.. where's mplayer???
>>$ gmplayer
>>It works
> strange strange strange.

Both KDE Start --> Multimedia --> MPlayer and
$ gmplayer on "Konsole Window"
start "MPlayer -Video" window and "MPlayer" set

Video CD can be played but sound quality and video quality are not 
reliable and stable.  The playing of the same video CD is good this time 
but becomes bad next time

I think I have to fine tune the config file.  Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


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