[MPlayer-users] Equipment and settings for best possible playback quality for DVD?

Frank Aune Frank.Aune at broadpark.no
Wed Mar 26 17:21:26 CET 2003

Hello world,

Im considering building a HTPC (Home Theatre PC), which will be driving a DLP 
projector. However, most people I talk to say that the windows based player 
TheatreTek is the only way to go, since this is superior in video quality 
compared to other products. Has anyone done side-by-side comparison with 
GPLed DVD-players like mplayer or xine, and their windows counter-part like 
windvd, powerdvd or theatretek?

The reason TheatreTek is supposed to be so good btw, is if its used in 
conjunction with an ATI Radeon card with smooth-vision enabled. (at least 
thats what Ive heard)

What hardware would produce the best possible image with mplayer? And what 
options for  mplayer generally produce the best image?

Thank you for any thoughts and feedback!

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