[MPlayer-users] SVCD mpg file & mplayer

Chris Leung chris at q-station.net
Tue Mar 25 04:53:48 CET 2003

Dear all,

I've tried to convert a AC3 DVD clip to SVCD mpg file.  I can convert the
video successfully.  Then, I would like to transocde the ac3 audio to the
multichannel mpeg2 (5+1) format.  It seem that I was extracted the audio
part correctly and convert them in mpeg2 (5+1) correctly too.  However, I
found that mplayer will play the mpg aduio in 2 channel only.
Frontleft -> left
Frontright -> right
Center -> left + right
LFE -> no output
RL -> left
RR -> right

Then I try compile mplayer with FAAD support.  But it seem that mplayer
wont't use faad even I force with option '-afm faad', it fall back to use
mp3lib to decode the audio part.
I would like to confirm that will faad support play with MPEG2 (5+1)
channel correctly.
Or, there is no way that mplayer will play MPEG2 (5+1) correctly?


P.S. I can play those AC3 DVD correctly with 6 channels output using mplayer.


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