[MPlayer-users] Running MPlayer-0.90rc5 on a sparcstation...

wiking wiking at jol.hu
Mon Mar 24 22:04:42 CET 2003

Hi there!

 i have some major problems with mplayer. i'm trying to get it work on a
Sun SPARCstation 20 running with Solaris 9 on it. and got the following
VO: [x11] 352x240 => 352x262 Planar YV12
Shared memory not supported
Reverting to normal Xlib
BGR16 not supported, please contact the developers
FATAL: Cannot initialize video driver.
init_vo failed

FATAL: Could not initialize video filters (-vop) or video output (-vo).

although i did everything that is mentioned about getting mplayer works on
and yes i tryed every video output none of them works.


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