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Mon Mar 24 13:13:01 CET 2003

When I encode using mencoder more than (around) 4000 frames I get this message 
"T00 many video packets in buffer" when mencoder plays back.  There is no 
sound encoded, just a silent animation produced via jpgs.

I encode with a command like 
"mencoder \\*.jpg -mf on:fps=25 -of mpeg -o output.mpeg -ovc lavc -lavcopts 

The FAQ does not seem to apply:

"Q: There this movie is, and when I play it I get video-audio desync and/or 
MPlayer crashes with the following:
DEMUX3R: T00 many (945 in 8390980 bytes) video packets in the buffer! A: This 
can have multiple reasons.
# your CPU and/or video card and/or bus is too SLOW. MPlayer displays a 
message if this is the case. (and the dropped frames counter is going up 
# if it is an AVI, maybe it has bad interleaving. Try the -ni option.
# your sound driver is buggy, or you use ALSA 0.5 with -ao oss. See the 
soundcards section.
# the AVI has bad header, try with the -nobps option, and/or -mc 0 ."

The machine is a nice fast athlon 2600 with lots of memory and an nvidia 
graphics card so speed should not be a problem.  

There is no sound so syncing should not be a problem.

It was encoded with mencoder so shouldn't have an interleave problem or a 
header problem (and was encoded as a straight mpeg anyway) unless mencoder is 

I am using mplayer 0.9 rc 4-3.2, kernel 2.4.18-24.8.0 and gcc 3.2

Any clues anyone?

Thanks SA

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