[MPlayer-users] [Confirmation]gmplayer and OSD weirdness + [feature]-fs

|TEcHNO| techno at punkt.pl
Sun Mar 23 23:40:59 CET 2003


I just wanted to confirm this error in yesterdays CVS as well as in rc5 
(was fine in rc4).

If you could make somthing, so that when going to Fullscreen with 
gMPlayer woudln not couse the screen go blank ('cept for controls). What 
I mean is that when I user -xineramascreen 1 to put the video on TV, I'd 
like to be able to work on the second screen normaly ie. Run Eterm to 
use RVE. I know it can be done in MPlayer but in gMPlayer it blanks the 
second screen, rendering it usless, and I need gMPlayer (windows users 
who need it simple). If this is not clear, tell me, I'll try to clear 
any confusions up.

pozdrawiam     |"Help me master, I felt the burning twilight behind
techno at punkt.pl|those gates of stell..." -Perihelion, Prophecy Sequence

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