[MPlayer-users] mencvcd fps conversion problems

Dave Botsch dwb7 at cornell.edu
Sun Mar 23 23:19:36 CET 2003


I'm trying to convert an xvid recorded over in England at 25 fps to a US 
standard vcd. Except for the conversion of the frame rate from 25 fps to 
29.97 fps, all works.

I am using the following command with mplayer-0.90rc5, and latest 
mjpegtools as of yesterday:

./mencvcd ~/News/Pan/farscapevcd.mpg 
~/News/Pan/farscape.4x22.bad_timing.ws_pdtv_xvid-fov.avi -vfr 4 -noburn 
-vnorm p -w

I end up with the frame rate being 29.97 fps, all right, except that it is 
just the same frames as before being played faster and therefore quickly 
gets ahead of the audio.

I've also tried the above command with -vnorm n and w/o the -vnorm with 
the exact same results. I have also tried using ffmpeg with the exact same 
results - video plays faster ahead of audio.

Any ideas here? I've seen quite a bit on this subject in the mailing list 
archives with the general solution being "use mencvcd". But, this isn't 


David William Botsch
dwb7 at cornell.edu

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