[MPlayer-users] bug: tail cut on pcm audio file

Siim Vahtre siim at pld.ttu.ee
Sun Mar 23 10:40:46 CET 2003


I seem to have problems playing some audio files with mplayer.
The problem is that for some reason it cuts about 1/2 seconds
from the end. I wouldn't even bother whining here but the audio
I want to play is about 1-2 seconds long so having 1/2 of it
cut away is pretty big problem.

I tried to play the files with some random windows wave-players and
it seemed OK so the problem should not be in the files themselves.

Because the files are really small (20k total), I took the risk to
attatch two of them so you could take a closer look...

1) Hpissed1.wav: there should be someone saying "make up your mind"
but I can hear only "make up your.."
2) Sword1.wav: there should be a short sound of sword, but I hear nothing.

(The header shows that the files are a PCM WAVE audio, 8 bit mono, 11khz)

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