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Andrew Daviel andrew at daviel.org
Sun Mar 23 03:44:29 CET 2003

I have a lot of MPEGs at http://andrew.triumf.ca/codered/scatter/
generated with mpeg2encode (code I have had for some years
and used for various stop-action movies).
They play OK with xanim 2.8 and MPlayer 0.60
I recently built MPlayer 0.90rc3 and they fail. sort of.
If I play the file directly, it says

MPEG-ES file format detected.
VIDEO:  MPEG1  512x512  (aspect 1)  25.00 fps  1440.0 kbps (180.0 kbyte/s)
The selected video_out device is incompatible with this codec (on stderr)
but then plays OK as it used to.

If I try to play the URL directly, it says
Invalid MPEG-ES stream??? Contact the author, it may be a bug :(

I guess it really is an invalid stream, but can someone tell me
why and what the errors mean.

Andrew Daviel

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