[MPlayer-users] Request: some info about AVI and OGM file formats

yardbird frbiscani at libero.it
Sat Mar 22 16:04:43 CET 2003

Hi there,

I'm writing a bash script for encoding video files with mencoder and I need 
some details about AVI and OGM file formats. My questions are:

- If I have a video stream encoded (with lavcodec (mpeg4)and mencoder) at 
$VBRATE kbps/sec, at $FPS frames/second, an audio stream at $ABRATE kbps/s 
(MP3), and it is $TIME seconds long, what is the size of the AVI file created 
from these two streams?

- Same question as above but for an OGM stream an vorbis audio instead of MP3.

I need this because I want  to be able to specify a target size for the 
resulting file in my script. I guess that $VBRATE*$TIME must be summed with 
the file header (which should be smalled compared to overall size) and with 
an header for each frame of the video (or audio). The best result I have 
achieved is 707MB with target size 700MB, so there's roughly a 1% error.

Thanks for your answers and sorry for bad English,


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