[MPlayer-users] subtitle problems...

Compn tempn at twmi.rr.com
Sat Mar 22 02:00:40 CET 2003

i have a subtitle file and it appears to be broken, it doesent have end tags, is there
a way to get mplayer to leave the subs up until the next subtitle comes along?
below is part of the subtitle file... (it only plays the subs with end tags...)

<window type="generic" duration="00:21:06.1" width="352" height="30" bgcolor="#000000" wordwrap="true" />
<font face="arial" color="#ffffff" size="2">
<time begin="21.6"><clear/>If you don't know how to drink, don't force yourself to
<time begin="24.6"><clear/>It would be a waste of such good beer
<time begin="29.7" end="32.7"><clear/>Ah, this tastes great!
<time begin="39.9"><clear/>We did the best we could
<time begin="43.5"><clear/>Everything that happened can be considered fate
<time begin="49.2"><clear/>Are those simple words enough to solve everything?
<time begin="52.7"><clear/>So many have died, never to wake again
<time begin="57.7" end="1:01.9"><clear/>On me...the responsibility lies
<time begin="1:16.2" end="1:19.5"><clear/>It's my fault that Brad...
<time begin="1:24.9" end="1:28.6"><clear/>I'm fine. I really am
<time begin="1:32.3" end="1:35.6"><clear/>Please excuse me...
<time begin="1:38.6"><clear/>Where I go, death follows
<time begin="1:42.4"><clear/>But there is one place where you must go
<time begin="1:46.4"><clear/>There is a reason why it can't be avoided
<time begin="1:48.7"><clear/>Isn't there?
<time begin="1:52.0" end="1:55.5"><clear/>Yes, you are correct

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