[MPlayer-users] Feature request: derainbow filter

James Bostick Crowson jbcrowso at unity.ncsu.edu
Fri Mar 21 20:47:21 CET 2003

Lots of times, anime DVDs will have odd "rainbows" or odd changing colors
on edges.  I've been using a chroma gaussian blur (-vop scale -ssf cgb=1)
to get rid of them, but this only deals satisfactory with mild rainbowing.
For the more severe ones a blur radius of 3-4 works well, but degrades
image quality unacceptable on everything else.  It would be nice if
mplayer/mencoder had some sort of adaptive chroma gaussian blur, which
could take two radii and a threshold, and use the first (smaller) blur
radius for each pixel where the chroma change from the last frame is below
the threshold, and the larger radius for each pixel where the chroma
change is above the threshold, or something similar.

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