[MPlayer-users] Problem with mplayer from stdin

vcolosso@iol.it vcolosso at iol.it
Fri Mar 21 14:15:56 CET 2003

I create video clips downloading the digital stream from my dbox2 satellite receiver through the ethernet port using the well known utility grab. Mplayer recognize the format and plays it fine.
Starting from rc4, and continues now with rc5, I can't play from stdin anymore. 

if I start mplayer with:

>mplayer vts_01_01.vob

the file is played OK.

If I start it with this line:

>cat vts_01_01.vob | mplayer -

mplayer starts and tell me the file /home/vac/- does not exist.

I found in the docs that the same should be done using the -use-stdin flag (new entry since rc4?).

>cat vts_01_01.vob | mplayer -use-sdin

in this case I have not the file-not-found error, but the terminal gets full of messages (can't remember the exact error) complaining of the quality of the input stream, after a while mplayer crashes.

Is the play from stdin still supported or it' a problem of my box?



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