[MPlayer-users] mplayer to watch tv

Roman Joost romanjoost at gmx.de
Fri Mar 21 13:31:09 CET 2003

I wanna try to watch tv with mplayer, so i read the docs for watching. I works
good for now, but i don't know how to set the channels.
I tried to edit my ~/.mplayer/config and put in the following:

tv_set_channel 1 S17

Unfortunatly, the mplayer crashes with a segfault. I figured out, that my
tv_set_channel option was wrong. Does it only works in my lircrc?

My problem is now: how can i tell mplayer under what frequency or channel is my
channel XYZ located. I think of a channellist similar to a channellist from
xawtv. I'll put in all my channels like:

channels = 1-WDR,2-MTV,3-RTL ...
tv_set_channel 1 S17
tv_set-channel 2 E5

I used the "tv_set_channel" option to specify what channel is to use for the
string RTL. I don't know how to achieve this - maybe it isn't possible for now.

I would be thankful for any help i get :)


www: http://www.romanofski.de
email: romanjoost at gmx.de
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