[MPlayer-users] Bugs in rc5

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Thu Mar 20 20:13:42 CET 2003

Here is list of bugs that I note in rc5; they all present in previous
versions, but in my opinion, should be fixed before 0.90. However, I
don't pretend, as I'm not sending patches, but maybe some of developers
forgot about this bugs ;)

1) Bug with menu. Run mplayer -menu <some-file>, and pause key will
   start working strangely - every first press will be lost, but when
   you press menu key, pause activates. After it everything repeats.
   This makes -menu really unusable..

2) Bug with fixed-vo. Run mplayer -fixed-vo <some files with different
   aspects>, press f for fullscreen, then switch to next file. In
   fullscreen everything will be alright, but when you'll switch back to
   window, aspect will be wrong (it stays from previous file). When
   switching to next file while in window mode, everything works OK.
   (I mean real width/height aspect, not mpeg1/2/4 aspect field).

3) Bug with gui. Run gui, then try to do anything in context menu (right
   button)... Every window will close immediately, even "about" or
   "open file".  When you run skinned context menu with middle mouse
   key, "open file" will work right, and _after that_ context menu will
   start to work OK as well. Maybe this bug is related to my gtk, I
   don't know... I really can't install gtk2 now, I've got just

Some other non-related to 0.90 notes:
hqdn3d filter in rc5 eats more cpu then denoise3d, but I can hardly see
the difference ;) Is this right or default settings just aren't optimal?
Lot of thanks to Daniel Moreno and Arpi, anyway, denoise filter really
rocks for most of my movies! More than dering filter does, in my
opinion... My friend who uses windows promoted me motion blur as
denoising filter ("temporal blur" in ffdshow), but denoise work even

There is note in Changelog that some realmedia aspects has been fixed in
rc5. However, I've got some files that fail to play under mplayer, even
rc5, but I can play them using realplayer. Not that I really need
playing them, they are old rv20 and rv30 files, but if developers really
think about supporting realvideo, maybe this should be fixed. In some
files, a-v is out of sync - delay grows and grows and video goes before
audio. Is other, a-v sync indicator in mplayer behaves well, but there
are strange delays in video and audio goes before it. For some other
files, realplayer 8/9 playes them well, but mplayer using both rp8 and
rp9 codecs displays lot of noise and broken video after some frame and
sometimes segfaults. Do I need to submit these files (I submitted one
some months ago, but it doesn't work still) or real support of old
rc20/rc30 isn't planned?



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