[MPlayer-users] Re: 100% cpu load when trying to play mss stream

Jos van den Oever jos at vandenoever.info
Wed Mar 19 13:15:28 CET 2003

Corey wrote:
> When I try to play this mms://media2.omroep.nl:1755/radio3live-64 I
> don't have any problems. I'm using MPlayer dev-CVS-030315-12:04-3.2.1 on
> Debian Sarge. It might be helpful if you follow DOCS/bugreports.html and
> report all the info about your system.

The problem only occurs when the stream is not available: when there are too 
many users. You probably got lucky and were connected. Just try again. The 
site is very popular and during european working hours, it's difficult to 
connect. Only when mplayer cannot connect to the stream because it's too 
busy, does it start to use 100% cpu.

The system I'm using is SuSE 7.3 on a pentium 4.
The compiler is gcc version 2.95.3 20010315 (SuSE)

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