[MPlayer-users] dxr3 + divx + freeze

Rudi Lindl lindl at informatik.tu-muenchen.de
Tue Mar 18 19:10:33 CET 2003


i have following problem with playing divx with my dxr3 with mplayer
i have already read some threads about dxr3 and mplayer and tried
 -vo dxr3:norm=1  but nothing worked.

If i play a some divx everything is fine for about 10seconds then
sunddenly these "freezes/glitches" appear about every second. if i hit
pause and start again after the freezes started all works fine again for
about 10s. So i think its no pal/ntsc problem because then there should
always be those freezes.
Perhaps my cpu is the problem i only have a pIII800mhz but why does it
work for 10s then?

any ideas?


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