[MPlayer-users] avi filesize > 4G

Christof Buergi christof at buergi.lugs.ch
Mon Mar 17 19:15:29 CET 2003

Am Montag, 17. März 2003 15.57 schrieb Chris Leung:
> I've record a AVI file in wav/lavc codec in my ext2 filesystem using
> mencoder, which is larger than 4G.  When I do ls, it show it is about
> 5G filesize.  But it seem mplayer can't play the part beyond the 4G
> part. Could I extract the 4G-5G part of the video?

Try to play the file with -idx as an extra option. -ni might help, too.

The problem with >4GB AVI files is, that there simply is no standard way 
to write them due to AVI internal limitations. There are several ways 
to work around this, from which OpenDML ist best known, but whatever 
you do, you will always run into problems.

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