[MPlayer-users] new version of detc filter! (inverse telecine)

John Evans jevans64 at knology.net
Sun Mar 16 08:20:08 CET 2003

I have finished some initial testing of -vop detc on the Star Trek : TNG
series DVDs.

Your filter is by far the best solution for mencoder. It produced results
similar to using
decomb on the Win side. There is just a little more areas of interlacing
slipping through
than on decomb.

Are there any thresholds to control the amount of combing that is detected?

I saw the tr values but did not know whether they applied to the filter or
filter options.

The telecide filter within decomb has a threshold option that can be set to
differences at the field level and uses the field that best matches the one
that pre/procedes

Of course, there will still be choppy motion in some SFx scenes since I
would rather see
8 to 15 % of the video with a dropped frame rather than 85 % 92% of the
live-action with
a double frame every 5 frames.

I still have to try -ofps 29.97 & -vop ~,detc=dr=1. My guess is that the
results would be the
same as -ofps 23.976 & -vop ~,detc. Doing -ofps 23.976 & -vop ~,detc=dr=1
100 % choppy video ( dropped frame every 5 ). ( ~ = my crop, resize
params ).


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