[MPlayer-users] can't enable gui

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Sat Mar 15 19:30:49 CET 2003

Gábor Lénárt wrote:
> I can mention you to erase Linux NOW and install Windows instead ...

oh, I didn't know poorly documented software is the hallmark of Linux.

(it's getting to be a real flamewar, doesn't it? is this any good?)

> And also learn speak more polite. As you probably know mplayer is a FREE
> software written in our spare time so you can be happy even because of
> the existence of such a player ...

such a lame lame excuse. really. don't you know any better?

guess what. I have my own open source project as well. and I do thank 
people for pointing out shortcomings in my project, be that in the code 
or in the documentation. not to mention, that on my project make doesn't 
fail the first time I run it. and I don't get warnings when I compile.

as for the record on who is polite, I did thank your first response 
(pointing out the invocation with gmplayer). than, in a second e-mail, 
you were the arrogant one with your RTFM line. was that any good?

the time you've spent defending your lack of documentation, you could've 
  put pointers in the documentation here an there about how to invoke 
mplayer with a gui.

>>the man page (searching for the string GUI doesn't help you there), I 
> Oh yes?
> So:
>        gmplayer [options] [-skin skin]
> What does this line say in man page?

it says that you can invoke mplayer with the name gmplayer. doesn't say 
this is the way to invoke the GUI, does it? far all it says, this could 
be the GNU mplayer or whatever (insert your favourite G word in front of 

by all means: I read through 4 different sources of documentation 
(README, configure options, man page, --help output), and have not found 
a clue how to start the GUI version of mplayer. yes, you're right, in a 
fifth place it does say how to do it. but wouldn't it worth it to 
mention it on other places too. like the man page (IMHO the most handy 
source of information on any executable). or in the configure help 
(where you actually specify that you want the GUI version as well)

as for the man page, there are several references to the GUI, but no 
mention on how to start it.

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