[MPlayer-users] can't enable gui

Gabucino gabucino at mplayerhq.hu
Sat Mar 15 18:00:43 CET 2003

Akos Maroy wrote:
> >And RTFM..
> RTFM yourself.
Unneeded, the whole thing is in my head.

> grep -r gmplayer in the mplayer source tree gives only one hit
One hit. And did you read it? No.

--($:~/x)-- grep gmplayer ~/mplayer/DOCS/en/documentation.html 
    <LI><CODE>ln -s $PREFIX/bin/mplayer $PREFIX/bin/gmplayer</CODE> ,
      and call <CODE>gmplayer</CODE> instead.</LI>

> (for each language that is to say)
--($:~/x)-- grep gmplayer ~/mplayer/DOCS/hu/documentation.html 
  <LI><CODE>ln -s $PREFIX/bin/mplayer $PREFIX/bin/gmplayer</CODE>,
    és a <CODE>gmplayer</CODE> file-t indítsd.</LI>

Don't you feel yourself being anally made happy? :)
I feel myself anally fucked :(

> write decent documentation.
Araa? If you would have opened documentation.html in a HTML browser, the GUI
section would have poked into your eye right on start.
(NOTE: grep is yet to able to do HTML parsing)

Me and some others spent the last two years enhancing that manual, so you
could at least skim the TOC.. Thanks.

MPlayer Core Team
 - Debian? - "This is our project and we can do whatever we want with it."
				Michael Stone <mstone#debian.org>
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