[MPlayer-users] Encrypted DVD libcss

Jonas Jermann jjermann at gmx.net
Sat Mar 15 12:06:43 CET 2003


On Sat, Mar 15, 2003 at 01:58:29PM +0100, Konstantinos Blatzonis wrote:
> There is an problem with encrypted DVD (or VOBs). I installed libdvdcss-0.0.1
> how it was recomended in the DOCs for Old-Style Encryption DVD and recompield
> after running configure script Mplayer (0.90rc4). Than I tried to play the
> VOBs and I get the same errormessage, when you have not installed libcss.
> "Encrypetd file[...]"
> The option -csslib is not avaliable in mplayer when autodetect of libcss by
> ./configure failed. I editet the configure file and set option CSS to yes.
> After that I recompiled and option -csslib was avaliable. I gave the full
> path to it of libdvdcss.so but I get now the errormessage: Encrypted stream,
> but you did not request authentication.

libdvdcss is not for the old-style support. Libcss is, you can 
use libdvdcss with libdvdread but better use limpdvdkit2 as it 
includes both with some patches...

> So what now. I found in the cd-dvd.html, you have to set enviroment
> DVD_CSS_METHOD [key|title|...]. But what is ment by that? I tried with setenv
> and every avaliable option, but I get ever the same errormessage.

You can ignore this normally.

> Is libdvdcss.so not the same as libcss.so?
Yes, not the same.

> Could changing the configure script just fake libcss suppurt?
> Do I misunderstand anything?

You only need the old-style support for direct file playback. 
But afaik it works with the new methode too (I think you have to 
set the env. variable then). But who needs file decrypten 
anyway? The best way is to use libmpdvdkit2 and play the DVD 
normally with mplayer -dvd <title nr>. You don't need to mount 
the DVD in this case...


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