[MPlayer-users] Encrypted DVD libcss

Konstantinos Blatzonis K.Blatzonis at gmxpro.net
Sat Mar 15 13:56:08 CET 2003

Hello to all mplayer-users!

There is an problem with encrypted DVD (or VOBs). I installed libdvdcss-0.0.1 
how it was recomended in the DOCs for Old-Style Encryption DVD and recompield 
after running configure script Mplayer (0.90rc4). Than I tried to play the 
VOBs and I get the same errormessage, when you have not installed libcss. 
"Encrypetd file[...]"
The option -csslib is not avaliable in mplayer when autodetect of libcss by 
./configure failed. I editet the configure file and set option CSS to yes. 
After that I recompiled and option -csslib was avaliable. I gave the full 
path to it of libdvdcss.so but I get now the errormessage: Encrypted stream, 
but you did not request authentication. 

So what now. I found in the cd-dvd.html, you have to set enviroment 
DVD_CSS_METHOD [key|title|...]. But what is ment by that? I tried with setenv 
and every avaliable option, but I get ever the same errormessage.

Is libdvdcss.so not the same as libcss.so? Could changing the configure 
script just fake libcss suppurt? Do I misunderstand anything? 
I would be very thankfull if someone could help me on that. Maybe someone has 
an step by step solution for this problem.

Thanks in advance


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