[MPlayer-users] sun .au files

Glyn Kennington glyn.kennington at hertford.oxford.ac.uk
Fri Mar 14 10:30:32 CET 2003

Dominik Szczerba wrote:
> ... mplayer didnt play it automatically. Following your output explicit 
>  -ac ulaw helped. however, file is either truncated by sox or by 
> mplayer -> stops playing too early. (xmms doesnt play at all, so I 
> couldnt check)

Try playing it with "cat file.wav > /dev/dsp" (or, for pedants, 
"tail -c +45 file.wav > /dev/dsp" ) and see if it really is truncated.

Sometimes sox doesn't create the .wav header properly - I've had times when
it puts the wrong length in the header.  This happens especially when sox is
reading from stdin.  A bad header such as this causes a lot of players to
exit at the wrong time.  Try copying the .wav with sox, as this tends to
create the header properly.

Alternatively, you can open the wav file with a binary editor and see what's
wrong for yourself :)


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