[MPlayer-users] 4:3 xv fs output on 16:9 monitor

Magnus Damm damm at opensource.se
Thu Mar 13 21:56:23 CET 2003

Hi all,

When I play 4:3 dvds/divx files with "-fs -vo xv" on my 16:9 
monitor, the output looks like 4:3 but with incorrectly 
stretched/centered/cropped video inside of the overlay.

Using "-fs -vo sdl" with 4:3 movies on 16:9 gives me the
same output as "-vo xv" + 'F', ie the 4:3 video gets 
stretched to fit the 16:9 and everyone looks fat. =)
I guess that the sdl output code together with many other
-vo alternatives ignores the aspect ratio of the monitor.

Here are some questions:

Q1: Is "-fs -vo xv" supposed to figure out and use the correct 
    aspect ratio? Seems like a nice feature to me.

Q2: If Q1 == yes, then why does my video output get cropped?
    The actual overlay that the movie plays in seems to be
    in 4:3 format, good. But a small piece of the movie is 
    missing (right part), and I think that the movie is
    stretched wrong inside of the overlay x-wise.
    The video output is not centered either.

Q3: If Q1 == yes, then why does pressing 'F' twice, give me a 
    fullscreen with bad aspect ratio that fills up the entire 
    screen (4:3 stretched out to 16:9)?
    Shouldn't that return the screen with the correct aspect
    ratio instead? Seems logical to me.
    This is the same behaviour as starting with "-vo xv" and
    then pressing 'F', ie aspect ratio ignored.

Q4: If Q1 == yes, then maybe "-vo xv" and pressing 'F' should
    be the same as "-vo xv -fs"?

Q5: If Q1 == yes, then aren't the left and right borders supposed
    to be black instead of invisible?

These problems exists both in 0.90rc4 and in CVS HEAD.
If anyone is interested I would be happy to help.


/ magnus

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