[MPlayer-users] Re: Improved RTSP/RTP streaming support

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live.com
Thu Mar 13 10:35:35 CET 2003

> > >MPlayer can handle variable-framerate
> > >streams where it just has a timestamp for each packet rather than a
> > >fixed framerate.
> >
> > I wish MPlayer worked that way, but unfortunately it doesn't.  For MPEG-4
> > (or H.261, H.263, or motion-JPEG) video streams, MPlayer would complain,
> > and not play video at all, if the user did not use the "-fps" option.  My
> > code now overcomes this by looking at (and buffering) incoming packets
> > until it is able to figure out the frame rate; then it sets
> > "sh_video->fps", and from then on the rest of MPlayer is happy.
>Well then your demuxer code is probably broken, because variable fps
>works fine with asf files and quicktime files.

Fact 1: My demuxer code is setting incoming packets' "pts" (presentation 
timestamp) field correctly.
Fact 2: If I leave "sh_video->fps" at zero (and the user has not used 
"-fps"), then the rest of MPlayer *will complain* about this, and *will 
not* play video, if the incoming stream is MPEG-4, H.26*, or motion-JPEG video.

These facts are *beyond dispute*.  If there is something else that I can be 
doing to stop MPlayer from complaining, other than (i) requiring the user 
to specify "-fps", or (ii) guessing the frame rate (e.g., from successive 
packet timestamps) and setting "sh_video->fps" accordingly, then I'm all ears.


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