[MPlayer-users] Mencoder seems to skip duplicate frames - switch?

Hans Meine meine at kogs1.informatik.uni-hamburg.de
Mon Mar 10 19:50:51 CET 2003

Hi Brett!

Thank you very much for your answer - that was _exactly_ what I was looking 
for. (Eventually, I would have had a look into the code myself - though I 
have to say last time I opened mencoder.c I got scared; it was not what I 
call beautiful code... ;-} )

Do you run a CVS version? If so, can you give me a "cvs diff" for convenience?

> Or create a new variable + command-line argument (what I did) to
> selectively disable the behaviour depending on user input.
That seems to be the cleanest solution. I even thought about whether the 
existing "-noskip" option should affect this!?

Again, thanks for the answer,

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