[MPlayer-users] Mencoder seems to skip duplicate frames - switch?

Hans Meine meine at kogs1.informatik.uni-hamburg.de
Mon Mar 10 17:51:56 CET 2003

Hi again!

What a pity that I did not get any answer yet ;-}, I'd like to ask again:
- Can I prevent mencoder/mplayer from skipping duplicate frames?
- Or can I tell mencoder with -oac copy and -ovc copy to use a concrete (e.g. 
+400ms) A/V sync offset?

> I created a three-pass DivX from a DVD and now I want to insert another
> audio stream (other language) into the resulting .avi. What I did is create
> a new frameno.avi and call mencoder with -oac copy and -ovc copy. That
> works - somehow. ;-/
> The problem is that it detects some duplicate frames in my movie.avi: Ten
> at the beginning and another two at 54% and 99% which results in bad A/V
> sync. If I adjust the A/V sync on playback to 400ms (10/25 frames/sec), it
> seems to be fine. Now how can I
> - prevent skipping those frames or
> - adjust the A/V sync with mencoder to create at least a better .avi (which
> will have a /little/ async error after the 54% frame)?
> (I am running MPlayer from CVS, currently about a week old)

Hoping someone can/will help,
  Hans (who would else have to re-encode the whole video stream :-( )

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