[MPlayer-users] How about supporting vorbis audio a bit more?

Mikko Tuumanen m at sorvankyla.yok.utu.fi
Mon Mar 10 09:59:09 CET 2003


I encoded a piece of video with Cinelerra 1.1.5 and the result is

Then I tried to play it:
$ mplayer oggtest.mov

Mplayer played the video just fine, but not the audio:
"Cannot find codec for audio format 0x5367674F."

I stripped the audio out of the .mov -file with:
$ mplayer -dumpaudio oggtest.mov

Then I could play the clip with errors:
$ mplayer oggtest.mov -audiofile stream.dump

OGG : Page out not synced, we skip some bytes

$ ogg123 stream.dump 
says: "--- Hole in the stream; probably harmless", but
plays it anyway.

And yes, I have upgraded mplayer from cvs today.

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