[MPlayer-users] Animatrix 2 'howto'

Brett Kosinski brettk at interdynamix.com
Fri Mar 7 22:07:23 CET 2003

> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> Like many others I couldn't play Animatrix 2 with MPlayer (libfaad2
> problems), here's how I managed to play it eventually:
> 1. "mplayer -dumpaudio a2.mov" to get the raw AAC audio stream
> 2. "faad stream.dump" (from libfaad2 cvs) to decode this
> 3. "mplayer -audiofile stream.wav a2.mov" works perfectly.
> At least it shows that libfaad2 works.

Well, I'm using faad 1.2beta (1.1 has the same problem, though), and I
performed the procedure above already... but the audio stream doesn't
sound right.  It plays too fast, and the frequencies are too high.  It
sounds like the samplerate is wrong, but I've twiddled with various
parameters to no avail.  So, either the AAC stream is corrupt (seems
unlikely), or faad is broken (possible), or lastly, the demuxer is
buggering up the stream... I have no idea how likely that is. :)


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