[MPlayer-users] mencoder avi output problem, mpeg4 support

Ilya Novoselov nullguid at t72.ru
Wed Mar 5 17:31:26 CET 2003

When I'm trying to recode MS-MPEG4 avi files into DIVX avis for
conversion into ISO MPEG4 file, they get somehow nonstandard - avidump
tool from mpeg4ip bundle cannot recognise video compressor of avi file.
Is that bug of mencoder or mpeg4ip avidump tool issue?

And, will ISO MPEG4 file output be ever emplemented in mencoder? I have
a lot of MS-MPEG4 and DIVX files wating to be converted into ISO MPEG4
for streaming with Darwing Streaming Server. Today's conversion queue is
way too long.

And, does anyone have such experience in migrating from avi to iso

Thanks in advance.

Ilya Novoselov
nullguid at t72.ru

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