[MPlayer-users] Too Good!

David William Thornton dwt at softhome.net
Wed Mar 5 00:33:36 CET 2003


Just a quick note from a "quiet" mplayer user.

Mplayer is the best player I have ever used. It seems you can point it at 
anything and it will play it, clearer, better, more consistantly, et.al. I 
keep thinking (old habits) that I need this player or that player for this or 
that type of format, until it lets me down. Then I think, "well i'll give 
mplayer a try" and sure enough another format is defaulted to mplayer.

I've been in IT for 25 years, and I am sure you guys are very good.

Given it's superb performace, I am trying to work out how to point it at my 
football team, they could play better!

Congratulations and thanks to all involved.

Kind regards,

David William Thornton
Senior Project Manager
Melbourne, Australia

Telephone: +61(3)9509-0188
Email: dwt at softhome.net
ICQ: 45397378

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