[MPlayer-users] multiple files - lottery?

Robert Rohatensky mp_rohar at t-l-a.com
Tue Mar 4 18:21:39 CET 2003

I didn't have any problem with 24 bit color encoding .jpg files. JPEG 
(JFIF) is either 24 bit color or grayscale. There is no 8 bit paletized 

I don't think the problem is mencoder. If I understand right, it uses 
libjpeg to read jpeg, tga and libpng to read png formats. I wasn't able to 
encode from 24 bit .tga (q3 screendumps), but after converting them to 
.jpg, all was good.

Here is a small sample of an RTCW demo encoded with mencoder:


and a higher res one:


They were both done by converting the 24 bit .tga to .jpg (24 bit) and 
then encoding with mencoder. I couldn't get it to not crash directly on 
the .tga files.

On Tue, 4 Mar 2003, Dominik Szczerba wrote:

> > #!/bin/sh
> > for foo in *.tga;
> >  do
> >   echo $foo;
> >   convert $foo -gamma 2 -geometry 640x480 `basename $foo .jpg`.jpg;
> > done
> thanks a lot. you should also add -depth 8 just to be sure.

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