[MPlayer-users] segfault in mencoder

Mengmeng Zhang mengmeng at io.com
Tue Mar 4 15:52:05 CET 2003

On 4 Mar 2003, Justin Moore wrote:

>    I should have been a bit more specific.  This is the full audio dump
> of a DVD I own (~2 hrs), and I'm trying to extract bits and pieces of
> the audio track in mp3 format.  Hence the -ss and -endpos options.  I've
> got a script that takes a list of start times, end times, and titles,
> and I want [ something ] to carve out the song in the time range and
> give it the appropriate title.  The easiest [ something ] I knew of with
> this capability was mencoder.  I'm open to suggestions for alternatives.

If the songs are in chapters, use mplayer -dvd blah -chapter start-end -ao
pcm, then encode those using an mp3 encoder. Otherwise, I suppose you
could use your original dvd rip, mencode the segments you want with -oac
copy and -ovc copy, then mplayer rip the audio from them and mp3 encode
the resulting audio rips. I'm sure there's audio tools which would also 
allow you extract segments from your audio file.

Developers: Would it be possible to add -endpos support to mplayer? I
believe you can already use -ss with mplayer.

>    Regardless, I figured the developers would want to know about this
> bug. :)

The only problem is that perhaps it should exit more cleanly than with a 
segfault, but it is no bug that a video encoder can't encode audio.


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