[MPlayer-users] two cents: why dvdnav is needed (why mplayer will die from this)

Balatoni Denes pnis at coder.hu
Mon Mar 3 23:03:55 CET 2003


Imho there is no big disagreement here. All features are welcome in mplayer,
if somebody implements it (preferably in a clean way) - the core/main 
developers do not have enough free time to implement all features.
It is a speciality of the mplayer list(s) that people enjoy releasing
their frustration here - but this is not directly related to the issue being
discussed, just a peculiar fact of life, and should be treated separatelly - 


On 2003. március 3. 22:52, Dominik Mierzejewski wrote:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> On Monday, 03 March 2003, Steven Adeff wrote:
> [...]
> > AND finally... lets solve this by setting up a page with a big ol' link
> > on the homepage that states neatly, clearly and without malice, the
> > opinions of the developers on topics that always come up. DVDnav being
> > one of them, the gui (of course with the seperate mplayer gui projects
> > its an easy answer), and because it always comes up, they're hatred of
> > Nvidia. Make sure to mention and emphasize that when someone wants to
> > make a feature request that they read through this page. You can also
> > have it as a seperate page in the documentation, but make it easier to
> > find.
> Looks like a fine candidate for inclusion in users_against_developers.html,
> no?

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