[MPlayer-users] svgalib color problems

Steven J. Backus backus at math.utah.edu
Mon Mar 3 17:24:45 CET 2003

Luis Marsano <lmmars at umich.edu> wrote:

> When I play a video file (so far tested only on avi's) with the '-vo
> svga' argument, the video plays incredibly well (smooth playback, sound
> sync) except the image colors seem reversed (as if watching a
> negative).

Hi I'm the guy with the Ultra 1 and I think the problem I'm seeing
is the same as Luis'.  I'm using an x11 output so it's probably
goes across different cards.  Over the weekend I used the same
mplayer, set my display variable to my home machine, ran exceed on
windows and everything worked great.  I'll try to find some time
soon to follow the bugreports.html documentation so I can tell you
more.  Thank you Attilla for your help.


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