[MPlayer-users] two cents: why dvdnav is needed

Roberto De Leo deleo at unica.it
Mon Mar 3 13:55:32 CET 2003

>>>We're not dead-set against dvd navigation support. However, libdvdnav
>>>is a really bad library and is not friendly to mplayer's way of doing
>>>things. So if you want dvd nav support, code it yourself or find
>>>someone willing to do it. But the current developers are not
>>>interested in spending their time on this since they don't care for
>>>silly menus.
>>You keep talking about "silly menus" but I could not see any suggestion 
>>on how to deal with DVDs that have scores of "titles" and no title list 
>>printed on the box.
>>While it is perfectly fine that MPlayer developers have no intention of 
>>currently implementing them, it would show more brightness from you if 
>>you would stop considering silly the people that asks for dvd nav 
>>support, at least until you are able to suggest some valid alternative 
>>to it: in case you did not notice it, the fact that your DVDs have no 
>>complex title structure does not imply that dvd nav support is not 
>>useful, it only implies it is not useful to you...
>There are other dvd-players with working menu-codes, so if the
>developers of mplayer don't wish to code menu support, why pester them?
>Download ogle or xine and enjoy your movie :-)
Please read more carefully the above discussion (and relative thread): I 
am not complaining at all about the fact that MPlayer developers are not 
interested in developing a dvdnav menu, I am only complaining about the 
fact that, in front of specific questions presented with meaningful 
argumentations, MPlayer developers keep talking about "silly menus" when 
it is more than clear that these menus are sometimes unavoidable and useful.

In other words: thanks a *lot* for MPlayer, that is a beautiful piece of 
software with or without any menu system, but when someone asks about 
dvdnav please answer something like: "we have more 
urgent/important/interesting/relevant problems to solve" raher than 
"menus are silly, just use -dvd titleno"...


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