[MPlayer-users] FAQ question 5.7 - info

eric eric.visser at gmx.net
Sun Mar 2 20:35:18 CET 2003


About the following:

Q: My tuner works, I can hear the sound and watch the video with 
MPlayer, but MEncoder doesn't encode audio!
A: TV audio encoding for Linux is currently unimplemented, we're 
working on it. At the moment it works only on BSD.

With the btaudio driver under linux 2.4.18, audio can be captured 
directly from a bt878 card without using a cable from the TV card audio 
out to a sound card audio in. The driver will create a /dev/dsp? 
device, so this has to be told to mencoder/mplayer. For my WinTV card 
the dsp rate is fixed to 32000, but this may be different for other 
cards. Works fine for me using mencoder (and audio is in sync with the 
video). Mplayer however did not route the sound towards the soundcard, 
have not analyzed this yet.

Can somebody add this to the FAQ? (the btaudio part).


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