[MPlayer-users] MPlayer Slower Than Windows Media Player !!

Roberto De Leo deleo at unica.it
Sun Mar 2 20:22:46 CET 2003

>Without -framedrop, A-V sync can drift a little, and mplayer will try
>to correct the situation as soon as it can (e.g. when it gets to a
>part that takes less cpu time to decode). So it's mainly an issue if
>your cpu is just borderline fast enough to play the movie... In this
>case, without -framedrop, A-V sync will jump around slightly in the
>very complicated frames of the movie, whereas with -framedrop,
>framerate will drop/stutter when it gets to these scenes. IMO the
>former is usually less noticable.
Ok, but if my CPU is fast enough to play every scene with no problem, is 
"-framedrop" smart enough to understand it has to do nothing or will it 
drop/stutter anyway?
In other words, if you are looking for "general purpose" MPlayer 
options, does it make sense using "-framedrop" *always* because anyway 
it gets activated only when there is really need [i.e. depending on the 
scene *and* on the CPU speed] or is it better to use it *only* with slow 
CPUs because otherwise complicated scenes will be "skipped" even though 
you have enough CPU power to see them correctly?


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