[MPlayer-users] dvdnav

Roberto De Leo deleo at unica.it
Sun Mar 2 18:44:00 CET 2003

>Why do so many people insist on wading through annoying toy menus,
>previews, fbi wanrings, and other junk trying to get to the actual
>movie?? *sigh* Just use mplayer -dvd <titleno> and you can jump
>straight into the movie, which is presumably what you bought the dvd
I have a copy of the LOTR DVD including 2 DVDs. The first DVD is the 
movie, and there is no problem there.
But the other DVD is "extra" content, namely ~30 "titles" of stuff that 
is not listed anywhere in the DVD box, only in the DVD menu, so imho the 
only ways I do have to understand what I have inside the DVD and which 
titleno it has are either try them all every time [not very fun though] 
or access the DVD menu.
If you could suggest me any other way I'd be very greatful to you, 
otherwise now you know why people insists about having the possibility 
to access the DVD menu.


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