[MPlayer-users] RTFM didn't help

George Reynolds george at dodgybloke.co.uk
Sat Mar 1 21:44:38 CET 2003

Last time I posted, I got the ususal RTFM response. I will however try again, 
as I have looked in the docs, man pages and websites and still cannot find 
out how to do this:
1.Stop the next clip from playing in the playlist until you press a key.

2.Produce a blank screen between clips

i.e. 1 clip plays, clip ends, blank screen, press key, next clip in playlist 

I also tried using <>  to go to the next clip and it doesn't seem to work

I would like more information from that kind person who told me it was 
possible to use a script. I am a little thick when it comes to scripting.

I have been told it's possible to load AVIs into Powerpoint but so far I have 
been unsuccessful. It just doesn't work. 


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