[MPlayer-users] Launch

Tomas Groth tomasgroth at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 28 21:55:45 CEST 2003

>Has anyone been about to play music videos from launch.yahoo.com?  I have 
>MPlayer installed with "Live" support, I also have the mplayerplugin.  
>Anyone know how I can accomplish this, MIME type, etc.?

I haven't found a way to play it in a browser on linux, but I have a small 
script which can make it play.
You just add the video ID number (usually the 7 digit number in the link) at 
the command line. It probably could be made smarter, but if it ain't broken 
don't fix it ;-)


The script:

if [ -x $videoid ]; then
    echo "No videoid entered!"
    exit 0

# 56 or 128 or 300

-O -)
file2=$(wget "$file1" -O -)

mplayer -cache 150 -vo xv -ao alsa9 $file2

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